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Bias Mitigation Series

Although NTIRE has trained over 100,000 people across the U.S. and around the world, many of our partners do not have the time develop a detailed plan on how to best manage or reduce personal and organization bias. As part of their Brake Your Bias curriculum, Dr. Marks and the NTIRE team have developed deep-dive, 6-part virtual training series that will provide participants with a step-by-step process toward bias management and reduction. Dr. Marks and the NTIRE team will provide these trainings virtually over the course of several weeks. If executed properly, the strategies taught in this series will very likely enhance participants’ ability to provide quality experiences, services, and products to employees, customers, and stakeholders.

The six sessions can be spread across several days back to back, several weeks, or several months. Virtual format with rare exceptions for in-person sessions.

Each session will provide step-by-step recommendations of how to reduce bias at both the individual and organizational levels. Recommendations for individuals are usually free or inexpensive (renting a movie) and can be implemented by any participant if they are willing to expend the time, energy, and adjustments necessary to form a bias braking habit. The extent to which organizational strategies can be implemented depends on each participant’s ability to influence decision makers if they are do not have complete autonomy over their respective organization.

Trainings Will Include:

  • Innovative, engaging, humorous, and motivational delivery of content

  • Highly interactive and introspective exercises

  • Small group dialogue

  • The use of compelling videos, images, and other media

  • An overview of national, industry-specific data disaggregated by race, gender and other demographics

  • A discussion of implicit bias from the target’s perspective

  •    Participants completing a measure of implicit bias and discussing the results

  • Anonymous audience polling and display of results in real-time. Responses are used as a basis for discussing sensitive topics and to allow participants to see how their attitudes or experiences compare to others. These results are saved as graphs and provided to the organizers.




  • Audience size: up to 300 per session (each participant should attend at least four of the six sessions)

  • Length: 90 minutes per session

Recommended Audiences

  • Implicit bias training is strongly recommended for law enforcement, education, judiciary, corporate, non-profits, philanthropy, community, city/county government, and healthcare organizations as well as other entities in which implicit bias has been shown to significant impact important life outcomes for large groups of citizens.

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